The Science

What is NGS?

Next Generation Sequencing.

A revolutionary technology that can efficiently decode DNA. This can be used for various purposes e.g:

  • Identifying genetic variations
  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Monitoring disease progression

CanCan is developing an ultra-sensitive assay that is able to detect even the most minute amount of tumour DNA present in patients blood. The assay is similar to technologies used in human cancer diagnostics.

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Why we do it?

CanCan Diagnostics is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, innovative and reliable revolutionary technology. This technology can efficiently decode tumour DNA. CanCan aims to drive innovation through developing novel targeted therapies.

What we offer

Test Kits & Test Screening

We provide test taking kits and test results screening so you can quickly get your diagnosis confirmed. We offer the following tests:

  • K9-LiquiDX
  • Uri-LiquiDX
  • BRAF
  • MDR1
  • PTT Report
  • More